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Expand your customer base, and deliver a new service to your existing clients.

E&T&C Auditor

We have launched a new initiative that we have been working on for some time. The odor units are helpful but only part of the picture. There is more to it: a barrier, a wall, a brake.

When an industrial activity encounters an odor conflict, it can take several actions.

Delaying, hiding, and ignoring work well in the short term, but these actions feed a ball. A ball that grows bigger and bigger and, in the long run, turns against an industrial activity. We have seen that many times over these 20 years of working with the industry. 

There are other people. People like you who think Participation, Transparency, and Communication are essential and work on them daily. But, still, until now, they did not have a way to measure their performance.

We intend to change this, but we cannot do this alone. So we are looking for people interested in being external auditors. Do you want to be part of it?

You will need to train for this new certification to become an Auditor. We offer an online course available for those who want to become auditors at the cost of 650 euros. 
Once you get your accreditation as Auditor, we will make your profile available for any organization that needs an auditor.

World's First Certification of its Kind


E&T&C Certification

  • Expand your client portfolio by enriching your services.
  • New business opportunities. Through audits, you will find synergies with other types of jobs.
  • Boost Your Professional Credibility
  • Get Acknowledged as an Expert in New and Current Solutions.
  • Help to improve the interaction between industry and society.
  • Get special pricing for the E&T&C Certificate for your clients.
  • Very affordable online training  (650 Euros)
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About us

Over these 20 years working for the industry, we realized that numbers are not the whole picture. Many clients demanded tools and hints to learn how to deal with community conflicts, and we have just created them.