Benefits of this certificate

Benefits of this certificate

Even if there is a regulatory odor requirement in your facility, appropriate odor management will lead to a good image of your company, fewer obstacles with environmental regulators, and a good relationship with your neighbors.

In addition, the Environmental Regulator will speed up any regulatory procedure related to your organization. Months of delay in the concession of the Environmental Permit means significant economic losses, and it could lead to the revocation of the whole project.

So your organization needs to stay agile, open, and trustful with local communities. So we have come up with a tool for that.

We realized over the years that there was a need to increase trust in local industries. Moreover, when there was an impact. 

When we acted as third parties in disagreements between local communities and industries, we learned that things improved when both parties developed trust-based relationships. 

Openness builds trust, but there is something else. Improving Engagement, Transparency, and Communication in your organization will improve the feedback of local communities.

These are the benefits we have identified:

  • Increase the likelihood of acceptance of your organization's products or services.
  • Citizens participating in these processes are committed to helping make the projects happen.
  • Constructing on local knowledge creates realistic and practical solutions.
  • Build trust in your community
  • Greater understanding allows the communities nearby to see multiple flanks of the problem.
  • Create local networks of community members.
  • Mitigate conflicts and improve relations with citizens.
  • Organizations that Invest in Certification See Returns



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Over these 20 years working for the industry, we realized that numbers are not the whole picture. Many clients demanded tools and hints to learn how to deal with community conflicts, and we have just created them.